Clean Your Colon - It Is Important

The practice of colon cleansing dates back to the Ebris Papyrus which is over 6000 years old.  Our bowels were considered a gateway and were housed in the canoptic jar of Hapi after transition.  In addition our Great Grand Parents made a ritual of cleaning the colon at least 4 times a year with castor oil and daily with cod liver oil.  

Is colon cleansing necessary?

Absolutely, colon cleansing is necessary while taking in a standard American diet of dairy products, processed foods or using unnatural cooking methods (like microwaving).  These things change the chemical structure of food causing it to be unrecognizable in the human body.  This in turn becomes the impacted fecal matter sticking to the walls of your intestine and blocking your intestine from doing its job of absorbing nutrients.  So yes its necessary to clean your colon frequently if you don't eat green leafy veggies to act as a broom to sweep your bowels or drink enough water to soften your fecal matter or consume fruits to loosen your stool, yes its necessary.

Doesn't the colon clean itself?

The colon in a healthy eater has enzymes from living foods working hard inside of it to break down food and waste.  Also the lining of a healthy persons colon sheds every three days to prevent unhealthy buildup of waste.  But not if the colon is over burdened by chemical waste that inhibit the body from functioning normally.  Lastly the colon can not clean itself if the person does not have regular daily bowel movements.

There is a wide range of symptoms resulting from an impacted colon.

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • depressed immune system
  • low circulation
  • weight gain
  • dehydration

Are there any risks associated with natural colon cleansing?

I personally have found more risks associated with not cleansing my colon.  Medical advice says that peristalsis (the natural movements of your bowels) could cease as a result of using enemas.  I have witnessed a personal family member utilize enemas for more than ten years and can have natural bowel movements regularly throughout his day.  

The use of herbal laxatives should not be used for more than a 3 day period.  Mainly because the body does not need any thing to be a body but it may need only support to resume normal functioning. The natural chemicals in herbal laxatives are only meant for occasional use not to replace the bodies natural ability to eliminate waste.  

How do I clean my colon?

Colonics or Colonic Irrigation
Colonic irrigation is basically a clinically delivered, deep enema. That is, a professional inserts an instrument into the rectum and flushes the entire colon with fluid. Reports on this cleansing approach are mixed, but the process typically takes several visits and can be somewhat expensive. Medical professionals worry about possible adverse events such as the introduction to the colon of harmful bacteria, the perforation of colon by the inserted instrument, possible depletion of electrolytes, and allergic reactions to the latex or plastic used or to the lubricant jelly.

Clay Cleansers (Bentonite Clay)
Therapeutic clays, especially bentonite, have been used to help cleanse the body. These are naturally occurring clays that, when ingested, absorb toxins and escort them out of the body. Bentonite clay, in particular, carries little risk for adverse reaction, but it may absorb certain drugs, and large doses may cause a strong laxative effect.

Diets and Fasting
Some colon cleanses work based on certain foods that you are supposed to consume or avoid. One popular cleanse instructs the user to consume only lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and a salt-water mixture.

Other food-based cleanses, such as fasting and juice fasts, are thought to help the body’s detoxification system by letting it use biological energy that would otherwise go toward digestion. Unfortunately, strict or severe food-based cleanses can be overly hard on the digestive system, and may require professional guidance to ensure it is completed properly and to guard against sudden urges to binge on foods that have been excluded from the fast.

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