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This topic could be a book in and of itself. But a simple question deserves a simple answer: IT JUST DEPENDS. Okay, I apologize, that was deceptive. But in truth there is no simple answer to that question because some healthy (looking) people sometimes meet an early demise where others who don't appear as well may be on their way to a long life. Our organs are our lifeline and what they look like will have more of a bearing on our health than outward appearance.


What must be understood is that the body is ever-changing throughout your life. The only constant we know is change. This lends to the idea of the ebb and flow of the Universe. Teenagers with terrible diets and sleep habits can look healthy and be athletic. But they are actually only benefitting from their youthfulness and likely setting themselves up for future health problems and doctors’ bills. When beginning a healthier regime, you may in fact feel (and look) bad for a few days or weeks. This is normal. However, this will trick the untrained onlooker into thinking that your health is declining. You must compensate for previous dietary “sins” and as the poisons leave your body you may appear a little “rough” to others. Unfortunately, a lot of people would take serious measures to improve their health but ultimately give in to well-meaning but uninformed loved ones.


Rest assured that any worthwhile healing system will start with a great deal of cleansing since this is necessary for most people who have eaten a normal American diet high in processed foods. This may include fasting, restricted diet, colon cleansing, etc. The system will also deal with a progressively changing base diet that becomes cleaner as you become cleaner. As you cleanse your bowels, you cleanse your blood and consequently your taste buds. Exercise will also be a priority (walking/jogging, yoga, Tai Chi, etc). Additionally, some sort of positive mental reinforcement is also necessary. This could be simple meditation with calming music or a more-involved spiritual quest. All-of-these things collectively constitute a healthy approach and give the POTENTIAL for one to LOOK healthy without it being a “fluke”. Healthy is as healthy does.


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