Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't...

Ode to the Bravest One, Thy Name is Cashew


Cashew you are so brave

Unlike the other seeds

You don’t hide from harm in your fruit

You take your seat in plain sight

As if waiting for someone to try you

But no one ever will because…

…they all know your wrath…

I don’t know about you guys but I have heard a lot of different theories about nuts being a good or bad part of a healthy diet. On one hand and, what I thought for the longest was that nuts were a great source of protein and fiber and other nutrients, but on the other hand one has to think critically on eating something that takes so much altering from it's natural state to in order for us to ingest...I have also heard arguments that some nuts are very acidic and can cause constipation and other digestion issues when eaten in excess (which is a big concern for those of use who consume mostly or only vegetarian proteins and fiber coming out to most of our calories for the day, and really for those people trying to eat a more strict raw vegan diet ). Cashews are my favorite nut/seed to eat, and it’s interesting that I have heard that it is one of the more acidic nuts out there to eat in excess too, causing constipation and other digestion issues! After researching for a while I have come across a trend and that is that cashews (the nut/seed) are highly processed! And it is because of their inedibility due to toxic elements in them that occur naturally! Perhaps nature does not want us to eat cashews like that? The cashew fruit on the other hand is not toxic and traditionally people who live where cashews grow eat the fruit instead and sell the cashew seeds to western countries (though some folks do consume it themselves of course). Cashews are grown in West Africa, Asia, and South America and imported to other countries.  I have added a couple videos below to give you more information on the process and ways of consumption of cashews in areas were they are grown and harvested.  This processing is similar for other nuts as well i.e. almonds are usually blanched and pasteurized before being store ready, pistachios are cooked and split open before going out to stores and the list goes on. We have to ask ourselves why all of this processing? What is it protecting us from?

It is a fabulous idea to soak all of your nuts and seeds before consumption, for at least 4-8hrs if not over night. Why? Because nuts and seeds (which are baby plants) as a protective mechanism from being digested in the bellies of animals that may eat them, produce different toxins and chemicals that make them very hard to digest, what this means is that an animal who eats a seed in one place will poop it out undigested in another place leading to the continued growth and abundance of that plant population. Well us being beings that apart of nature and not apart from nature, our bodies react the same way to nuts and seeds that are not soaked. Some people  ay experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, reflux,etc…after eating dry nuts or seeds and this is why! Soaking nuts and seeds can reduce a lot of these symptoms as the soaking neutralizes a lot of the toxins (but not all).

Sprouting is also a great way to increase the digestibility of nuts and seeds as this further dissipates toxins and now your are getting nutrients from the new budding plant! Sprouts are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and many more things that science can’t even explain!

So, with all of that said, I am not trying to turn people off of nuts and seeds, but I am all for being educated and informed on what’s goin on with the foods we eat (hell, you might decide to boycott eating nuts after you find out how labor intensive it is for people to get them from where it grows to our snack bowls---not to mention the processing). With this information we can then make decisions, i.e. those of us who only know to eat nuts dry, can maybe start thinking about soaking and sprouting, and then those of us who already sprout and soak, can now be conscious about not over doing it with certain nuts or seeds and making sure we eat them with plenty of alkalanizing veggies, as we know nuts can create alot of acidity we don’t want or need in our bodies... Strive to get a variety of good quality nuts/seeds, that are preferably organic, that way you are getting an array of nutrients and not just stuck on one source! 


 What are you thoughts on nuts and seeds now? Or what are some things that you know that not many people know about the processing and consumption of these foods? Share your knowledge!

Well, that’s all for now, so in the meantime…

Peace and Health Fam,


Check out these vids on cashew processing and see what I am talking about:


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Comment by Bobo De'Vaughn on June 14, 2012 at 9:19pm

@ Montu I tottaly agree with you.

I Work with two raw fooders and all they predominatly snack on all day is nuts. thiers of choice is almonds. but when they both go the restroom they be in there for over 30min. the only reason i notice that is when at work and cant find them the on place else is the bathroom. I personally just eat as a herbalist and when i do take a dump im there no longer than 4min at max and i find it funny they be there all day.

Comment by Afivi kpoli ate mi Adiro on May 24, 2012 at 10:09pm

Peace everyone,

@ Sista Nijideka and Mama Mawusi modupe for the wonderful comliments! I am glad the article was interesting and informative.

@ Montu, I agree with the research hype stuff. The companies who sell the so called "super foods" are all behind these campaigns to push one "exotic" food item as being the magic one that will cure all western diseases! I think it all falls into that mentallity in this amerikkkan culture that, alot of people don't want to do the work it takes to get health back to their lives. Many don't want to acquire health through eating a nutritious diet and giving up all of their self-destructive eating habits, they would rather buy into the idea that there is a "super food" out there (basically like the mgic pill) that will change their health status overnight! No work necessary...but thats just no how our bodies work---if there is an obstacle in the way of the body's innate healing ability (in the form of a destructive diet ro lifestyle) no superfood is going to be able to scratch the surface...


Lastly, I find it interesting that the research done on these superfood, suposedly observes the consumption of it in "far off foriegn lands" where the people are living to be over 100, and everone looks young vibrant and disease (at least the ones we see here) are rare or non-existant. Then they place all the clout on this one food that they see the local people eat alot of, and then that MUST be why they are healthy! Because they eat goji berries every day!...Well I feel that many researchers either purposely or not, neglect the fact that these people live a much healthier lifestyle than the average person living ins amerikkka. The walk everywhere, the cook their own food from scratch, the don't live in cities with alot of air pollution, they have fresh spring water to drink from the Earth daily, the dance, and sing regularly and get up and go to bed with sun each day...this lifestyle is in MAAT, it has balance, it is conducive to the body maintaining homeostasis and fending of disease b/c it is not constantly bombared with stressors like we are used too. So heck yea the people in the areas where you get goji berries or cashews, or whatever other superfood, are healthier but its not soley because of that single food, it the holistic lifestyle they live that is the real medicine!   

So yes, I think folk should educate themselves, and just incoorporate different foods into an already healthy or growing health diet and lifestyle...we should all "get it how we live" or do all that you are able to change your habits for the better and don't get caught up into the dogmas....


Comment by THE BODY TEMPLE INSTITUTE on May 24, 2012 at 2:12pm

Wow Excellent Article!!! Medasi, Modupe, Asante Afivi !!!

Comment by Baba Montu on May 24, 2012 at 10:02am

Hey, how you been Afivi? Well, here's my take in a nutshell (pun intended). I have been dealing with the issue of nuts for quite a long time now. What I have found is that nothing is as pure as you would like anymore. The planet needs to be cleansed and we do all that we can but I doubt we will be around to see that. I think the biggest issues with nuts exists for the raw foodists (which you may have mentioned you are experimenting with) due to their eating more nuts than others and the desire for them to be processed without heat. Soaking is not a bad idea and I can attest to there being a difference (though the taste seems to be more bland). As far as moderation- yeah, too many nuts can be constipating just like too much rice, potatoes, flour, etc. I have noticed a trend of "superfoods" in the past 10 yrs or so and whenever that status is bestowed the PRICE inevitably goes up. The price of nuts is NUTS! The so-called new scientific research on nuts and other foods is ECONOMICALLY DRIVEN. My suggestion- relax and enjoy nuts in the purest form you can afford. They have obviously been apart of our intake way before these commercial markets were created. My two cents...


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