I started to title this post: THE truth about enemas. But I have learned that truth is relative and what is truth for me may be a little different for someone else. Nonetheless, the truths expressed here are based on my on experience and research and that of my (rather large) family.

A fact that is not known by most health seekers and those into the study of Afrakan culture is that the history of enemas leads to Afraka by way of Egypt (Khemet). In the Ebers papyrus and other text demonstrated that the Egyptians employed emetics, purgatives, enemas, diuretics, diaphoretics and many other tools. So this is for all of OUR people who think that enemas and such are unnatural and a product of European influence---Enemas came from us, for us.

The arguments against enemas never cease to amaze. The idea that removing waste could lead to your detriment is absurd. The only thing that comes out of you is the water you use and fecal matter. I would not advise anyone to leave uneliminated waste in their body for extended periods of time. Also, the idea that they could become habit forming should take a back seat to the fear of being habitual about eating harmful foods. The intestines are the seat of waste, fungi like candida and "unfriendly" bacteria. And all of this matter must be filtered through the organs via the bloodstream.  

Now that we have covered a few of the basic concerns about enemas let us deal with some of the obvious benefits. First, a person who becomes severely constipated is usually willing to try anything to remove their extreme discomfort. Even the "medical establishment" acknowledges that most people have several pounds of uneliminated in their intestines. This should be a matter of grave concern. Another benefit of enemas is that it resets the environment in the colon when it has become overloaded with yeast, excess acids, etc. Is it not ridiculous to consider using Draino to clean out the pipe system in your house but be repulsed by doing the same in your body? A contributing factor to clogged pipes is the very foods that you consume. When a person does a fast or another form of detoxification, toxins are released throughout the body including the intestines. It is wise to aid the process by washing these substances from the colon because they are often sticky and need to be released as soon as possible to lessen the usual detox side effects (headaches, etc). Enemas are a great tool amongst many that you can use in your health arsenal. Do them at whatever frequency that is comfortable for you.

Here at The Body Temple Institute we invite and encourage you to do your own research and especially your own responsible experimentation. This will provide the proof that you seek. But do not be afraid to consider information outside the usual status quo because this society produces more illnesses today than any other time in history. There is an enormous amount of room for improvement....

To your Health and Success!

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