Breakfast was always a challenge for me...I loved scrambled eggs with cheese!!! It took a while , but I've weened myself off of that. This is my current smoothie process, which serves as breakfast for me. Other than drinking a glass of water with lemon juice...this is all that I intake for the first few hours of the morning.

My Daily Protocol

The Monthly Prep:
(I have a masticating juicer for the ginger. I juice the lemon by hand)
1) Get enough organic lemons to fill 30 ice cubes with the fresh squeezed juice. Store in freezer bag.
2) Get about a pound of organic ginger and juice enough for a 30 day supply. I put 2 tsps of juice in each cube and top off with with water. Store in freezer bag.
3) Get 4 Avocados. Slice into 8 pieces. I wrap each slice in plastic wrap and store in freezer bags.
4) Get some organic bananas and slice into about 1/4in slices. Lay on a flat surface and freeze. Place frozen pieces in freezer bags. I use 1/2 cup per smoothie.
5) As for the rest of the fruit, I usually buy fresh and add 1/2 cup per smoothie...but I also buy organic frozen sometimes.

The Hemp Milk (I make a quart every 4 days using a Ninja Blender)

1) I buy 8 ounces of hempseed which makes a little over 4 quarts. So, a bag will last me for about 16 days.
2) I buy a 25lb box of Medjool dates from the local International Market, and toss them into freezer bags.
3) For each quart, I use anywhere from 2 to 8 pitted dates, depending on how sweet I want my milk. I soak the dates in distilled water for about 30m beforehand.
4) Add the dates + 6tbs of hempseed + 32oz or water to a blender and blend well. "I love this milk". You can play with the qty of seeds and dates to your liking. If I was using this as a beverage, I would filter the milk through a fine mesh filter. But since it is going in a smoothie, I leave all the pulp in the milk.
5) This should be fine refrigerated for 4 or 5 days.

Weekly On Sunday

1) I grab 7 pint sized mason jars.
2) To each jar add 1/2cup banana + 1/2cup fruit (I use blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc) + 1 slice avocado + 1 cube lemon juice + 1 cube ginger + pack about a handful of a leafy green vegetable.
3) Store jars in freezer.


1) Pour each jar into a blender along with 8oz of hempmilk and blend well.
2) I also have a powder mixture of which I add a couple of tsp to the smoothie before blending. (Moringa, Chlorella, Seamoss, Badderwrack)

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Comment by Baba Montu on July 4, 2017 at 10:49am

Great job transitioning to healthier options brotha. Break-fast is definitely a time for lighter foods, fruits in particular. A lot of people would improve their health by simply doing what you did with their breakfast meal.


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