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We get questions from our Afrakan people all the time. One of the questions we get is how do we suggest they quit eating meat. If we were to sum up our answer to this question in a simple statement it would be “It depends”. Someone who is a teenager or in their twenties will have a very different experience than someone in their fifties or sixties. But we definitely advocate a gradual transition wherever possible to lessen the shock to the body.

The very first question someone needs to ask themselves about changing their diet is WHY they want to do it. The reasons vary from thinking that meat is unhealthy to ethical desire to not kill animals to you just recently heard about it on Oprah and thought it was interesting. The reason you have for deciding to give up meat is very important because it should fuel your effort to transition away from it. A person with cancer may have regeneration and getting rid of dead cells at the forefront of their mind. This is very logical and makes sense. But for an Afrakan health seeker who merely wants to lose weight, you may have a hard time sticking to it and be hindered in your efforts to lose weight. And keep in mind that going vegetarian or vegan doesn’t automatically make you spiritual.

An easy strategy for giving up meat (after establishing a true desire to do so) is to give up one meat meal a day. Morning is the most logical time to start because it is unnatural to eat heavy when you are breaking your fast, BREAK-FAST. Hopefully you don’t have this habit anyway but if you do start there. After progressing with this for a while it is a good idea to have one meat-free day a week. This would be for the entire day. It is necessary to realize that just ceasing your flesh consumption is not enough to ensure optimum health. During this transitional phase, you want to begin eating more fruits and vegetables and flushing your bowels and kidneys as often as possible. The more you remove toxins and waste from the body the less you will crave meat anyway. Continue with this process until you go “meatless” for several days a week. Even if you never progress beyond this point it will likely improve your quality of life and health immensely. That is the real objective more than any particular diet. Make your intake mostly fruit, large salads and vegetables and see where things go from there.


There are many valid reasons why our people give up flesh foods. We will go into greater detail at another time about human (Afrakan) anatomy and flesh foods. For now, these are a few quick tips to reduce meat intake. From there, you can determine whether or not you are dedicated to living a vegetarian/vegan life, etc. 

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Comment by Sherwain on May 9, 2017 at 1:39pm
I gave up meat just by my own research wasnt easy but now i play foot ball without pain in my knees


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