Greetings Family,

As we near the Spring Equinox (the true beginning of our year for Afrakan people), it is a good time to come up with a renewed healing vision for the coming year. This can bring focus to the areas that need work and help find new motivation.

Some suggestions:

First, if you are not where you want to be with your diet (livity), then vow to make more strides in that direction. This will not necessarily mean "perfection" everyday nor should this be your expectation. But it is always possible to do a fraction more and to do a little bit better. If you are not experiencing a serious health crisis, you can use the step down method. An example would be to initially cut out something for one or two days a week and continue cleaving it away until it is off your list. Same idea with fasting. Don't try to jump right into a long fast. Learn to skip breakfast then work up to drinking or eating light until dinner time. Next thing you know, fasting for 24 hours will be no problem.This is realistic and an easy victory!

Another idea is to implement would be to give yourself a regiment of study dealing with your body and health. As simple as this sounds, we find that most people know very little about that anatomy or about alternative methods of healing. So commit to studying on your off days, or a half-hour a day...whatever works with your schedule. This will also support you in improving your diet because you will understand the processes of the body better. We offer courses at The Body Temple Institute to assist you on your journey.

Please visit http:// to view our classes.

Last, be sure to stay positive in your pursuits. We have enough environmental, governmental, and racial challenges already. And remind yourself that we are MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. Be diligent in moving towards better health but do not obsess to the point that you CAUSE new conditions out of stress! Be at peace as much as you can in this crazy world.

May 2018 be a prosperous and healthy year for you! Much love from The Body Temple Institute

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