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Dr. Sebi's Cookbook

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Welcome to a new way of eating and healthful living. This

cookbook was designed especially for your transition from eating

man-made to God-given foods. Consider it a journey. It is not always

easy to stop eating the many acidic foods we've enjoyed for so long

and have become addicted to - but it can be accomplished through

cleansing and nourishing our bodies with the foods the Creator has

provided. These recipes represent years of healing and sharing by

our clients, friends and staff.

Relax and enjoy the journey.

Dr. Sebi


For optimal health it is essential that we eat only non-hybridized

organically grown produce. Conventional or industrial produce are

grown with pesticide, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other

chemicals that are toxic and harmful to the body. Organic foods are

grown without the use of these harmful substances; therefore they

taste better, are nutritious and are less dangerous to our bodies.


During the vast majority of our existence on this planet, what choices

did we have for food? What could we have eaten during the first

50,000 years before we discovered fire, tools and implements to kill

animals? The original diet of Homo sapiens must have been

vegetables, fruits and nuts! What other choices did we have? A raw,

plant based diet is the main food staple throughout the vast majority

of the history of humankind! Before humans began killing and eating

dead animal carcass, they ate fruits, leaves, nuts and berries.


Are you addicted to food? Many of us have become addicted to

certain foods. Most people have about 5 or 6 foods that they are

actually addicted to and have trouble releasing. These foods are

usually hybrids and include rice, beans, soy, breads, potatoes, potato

chips, coffee, teas, sweets, chocolate candy, fish, carrot juice, and

due to high content of sugar, many are addicted to cigarettes.


Kamut Raisin Pancakes

2 cups of Kamut flour

1 cup of maple crystals

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 2/3 tsp of seams powder

1 1/2 cup of almond milk

1/4 cup of raisins

Putting it all Together:

Put Kamut flour, seamoss powder in a bowl

Add raisins, vanilla extract, and maple crystals

Stir in almond lik

Pour into heated pan and cook evenly on both sides


Seamoss Breakfast Shake

4 bp of almond butter

1 cup of maple syrup

3 cups of almond milk

3 tsp of vanilla extract

2 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of seamoss

3-4 cups of water

Putting it all Together

Blend hot water and seams

Add almond butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla extract and

almond milk

Blend until smooth and serve


Spelt Strawberry Waffles

2 cups of spelt flour

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/4 cup of water

1 tsp of seams

1/4 cup of agave nectar

1 tsp of vanilla extract

6 strawberries cut into small pieces

Putting it all Together:

Put spelt flour, seams, and strawberry pieces

Add agave nectar, vanilla extract, water, and almond milk

Mix together and pour into waffle maker and cook


Cream of Rye

1 1/2 cup of cream of rye

1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1/4 cup of agave nectar

Putting it all Together:

Add water to a pot and bring to boil

Once boiling, take opt off the fire

Add cream of rye mix until thickens

Add vanilla extract, agave nectar and milk

Stir then serve


Blueberry Spelt Muffins

1/4 tsp of sea salt

1/3 cup of maple syrup

1 tsp of baking powder 1/2 cup of sea moss

1/2 cup of sea moss

3/4 cup of spelt flour

3/4 cup of kamut flour

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of blueberries

Putting it all Together:

Preheat oven to 400F.

Place baking cups in a muffin pan

Combine flour, syrup, salt, baking powder, and seamoss together in a

mixing bowl.

Add almond milk. Mix

Fold in blueberries

Pour into baking cups and bake for 25-30 minutes


Spelt French Toast

2 slices of Spelt Bread

1 cup of Almond Milk

2 tsp of Quinoa flakes

2 tsp of spelt flour

2 tsp of maple crystals

1/2 tsp of sea salt

Putting it all Together:

Mix all together

Dip bread till soak but not soggy.

Add olive oil to pan to lightly fry on both sides


Kamut Puff Cereal

1/4 cup of agave nectar

1 cup of hot Almond milk

1/4 of raisins

1/4 cup of chopped almonds

1/4 cup of chopped dates

1 cups of kamut puffs

Putting it all Together:

Add almond milk to:

Almonds, cereal, dates, agave nectar and Enjoy!

Papaya Breakfast Shake

2 cups of almond milk

1/2 cup of agave nectar

1 tsp of seams

1/2 cup of cold water

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen papaya

Putting it all Together:

Blend water and seamoss

Add Papaya, milk, and agave nectar

Blend till smooth and serve


Cream of Kamut

4 cups of almond milk

2 cups of water

1 1/2 cup of kamut flour

1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 cup of maple crystals

1 tsp of cinnamon

Putting it all Together:

Make like cream of rye


Pasta Salad

2 boxes of spelt penne

2 avocados cut in small pieces

1 1/2 cup of sun dried tomatoes

1/2 cup of chopped onions

1/4 cup of almond milk

1/4 cup of fresh lime juice

3 tbs of maple syrup

4 tbs of sea salt

3-4 dashes of cilantro

1/2 cup of olive oil

Putting it all Together:

Cook the pasta as directed on package

Add everything in a big bowl

toss until evenly distributed


Mushroom Patties

2 portabella mushrooms

1/2 cup bell peppers

1/4 tsp oregano 1 Pinch of cayenne pepper

1/4 bunch of cilantro

4 tbs sea salt

1 tsp dill

2 tsp onion powder

1/4 cup of spelt flour

Putting it all Together:

-Soak mushrooms for 1 minute in spring water

-Remove and place in food processor with scallions and bell peppers

-Add cilantro, flour and other seasonings

-Mix thoroughly and form patties

-Place them in heated pan with 2 tbs olive oil

-Fry on both sides until done (approximately 3 minutes each)


The Greatest Greens

3 bunches of mustard and turnips greens 1/2 of each

2 cups of chopped onions

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp of cayenne or chili powder

3 tbs sea salt

Putting it all Together:

-heat pan then add onions, cook till golden brown

-add greens, cook down for 20 min.

-season with sea salt, and cayenne or chili powder


Stuffed Bell Peppers

1 1/2 cup of quinoa

1 lb. oyster or brown button mushroom

2 green bell peppers

3 tbs olive oil

1/2 red bell peppers chopped fine

1/4 tsp of ground cumin

1/2 tsp sweet basil

1/2 tsp dill

1/2 tsp sea salt

2 slices of kamut or spelt bread toasted, crumbled

Putting it all Together:

-steam bell peppers until tender, then hollow out

-place quinoa grain in saucepan with water covering the top

-cook low heat until water is absorbed, then set aside

-sauté mushrooms and red bell peppers in olive oil

-season inside bell peppers with some spices and olive oil

-mix quinoa, mushrooms, and red bell pepper with remaining


-stuff bell peppers with mixture, then sprinkle bread crumbs on top

-bake in preheated oven at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes

-serve hot and enjoy with a green leafy salad


Vegetable Mushroom Soup

1 lb oyster mushrooms, chopped

1 cup quinoa

1 small red and green bell pepper chopped

1 bunch spinach, washed, and steamed

2 tbs olive oil

1/2 lb kamut spiral pasta

Spring water

2 onions chopped finely

2 large chayote squash, peeled and chopped

2-3 bunches kale

1 clove

1/2 tsp: marjoram, rosemary, oregano, thyme, red pepper, and cumin

Putting it all Together:

-put olive oil in hot skillet

-sauté mushrooms, bell peppers, and onions slowly for 20 minutes

-add mushroom mixture in soup pot and fill with spring water

-add chayote squash

-add thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, red pepper, cumin, clove,

and quinoa

-Simmer 45 minutes

-add Kamut Pasta simmer for 15 min

-add spinach, stir, and then serve when tender


Vegetable Patties

1 bunch of broccoli chopped fine

1 bunch of kale greens cut fine

2 chayote squash diced

1/2 red and green peppers chopped

1 medium yellow onion chopped fine

1 pinch of African red pepper 3 tbs olive oil

1/4 cup seamoss powder

Spring Water

Kamut Flour

Putting it all Together;

-heat skillet with 3 tbs olive oil

-add onion, bell pepper, chayote squash, African red pepper and

ground cumin, sauté 2-3 minutes

-add broccoli and kale simmer 10-12 minutes

Preparation for Kamut flour:

-mix seamoss with enough flour and water to make a dough

-roll out on floured board cut into 10" diameter circles

-place cooked vegetables 1/2 of circle

-fold other half to cover the vegetables

-use a fork to pinch the edges closed

-place patties on lightly greased baking sheet and bake 20-30

minutes or until golden brown

Homestyle Okra


a lb fresh okra diced

2 soft tomatoes

1/2 yellow onion chopped fine

1/4 tsp ground cumin

4tbs olive oil

1/4 tsp African red pepper

1/4 tsp. sassafras

1/4 tsp. sea salt

cooked wild rice or quinoa

Vegetable Stir Fry Medley

1 pkg. oyster mushrooms, sliced

2 zucchini, sliced

1/2 small yellow onion, chopped fine

8 cherry tomatoes, chopped

3 tbs olive oil

1 cup broccoli, chopped fine

1 small red and green pepper, chopped

Putting it all Together:

-Put olive oil in heated stainless steel wok

-add tomatoes and onions

-add your favorite seasonings and sauté 3-4 min

-add mushrooms and sauté another 3-4 min

-add zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli and sauté 3-4 minutes


Wild Rice

Wild rice

Spring water

1 medium yellow onion chopped fine

1 small red pepper

1 cup mushrooms, chopped medium, fine (oyster or brown button)

1/8 cup olive oil

1 tsp. thyme

2 tsp. oregano

1 tsp. sea salt

1/8 tsp. African red pepper

Putting it all Together:

Soak rice in spring water over night for best results

-Cook rice according to package instructions and set aside

-pour olive oil in hot skillet

-Sauté vegetables and mushrooms 2-3 minutes

-Add thyme, oregano, sea salt, and African red pepper

-Fold in Cooked rice and simmer for 20 minutes

Tip: If you forget to soak rice over night:

Par boil rice for 20 minutes set aside loosely covered until rice opens

(approx. 2-3 hours)

Rinse and cook until tender


Boil rice, adding additional water and stirring as needed until tender.


Spaghetti Recipe

Follow directions on the Vita Spelt Pasta box on how to cook the


After the pasta is cooked, strain it.

In a separate pan add 1/2 cup of olive oil

2 cups of tomato sauce

add 4 tbs of sea salt

1 1/2 tbs of onion powder

2 tbs of cayenne/chili powder

3 tbs of maple syrup

Heat sauce on medium high for 10 minutes

Stir pasta into sauce

Let sit for 5 minutes.

Serve and Enjoy!



1 red bell pepper, chopped

1 yellow onion chopped

2 tbs olive oil

Bay leaf, crumbled

Spelt lasagna pasta

2 lb., mushrooms

8 fresh tomatoes

Almond cheddar cheese

Oregano, to taste

Sea salt, to taste

Putting it all Together:

Tomato sauce

-Heat Skillet and add olive oil

-Place onion, bell peppers, oregano, sea salt, and bay leaf in skillet

and sauté

-Boil tomatoes for 10 minutes

-Place in ice water for five minutes, drain and remove skin from


-Blend tomato in blender -fresh tomato sauce

-Add tomato sauce in skillet with sautéed seasonings

-Simmer for 30-45 minutes

-Set aside half of sauce to be used to make mushroom sauce,

remaining half to be used when layering.


Mushroom sauce

-Place mushrooms in water, soak for 1 minute, strain and slice

-Season to taste sauté for 2 minutes and add 1/2 of saved sauce

(see above), set aside for layering.


-Prepare pasta according to instructions

-Once pasta is done, place under cold water for easy handling

-Layer a deep baking dish with tomato sauce

-Place a layer of pasta on top then a layer of mushroom sauce

-Then add a layer of almond cheddar

-Repeat steps until dish is almost full

-Place 2 cups of sauce on top of remainder of almond cheddar

-Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes until almond cheddar is


Note: Almond cheddar cheese can be purchased at Trader Joes and

Whole Foods Market

Hot Veggie Wrap

3 cups diced tomatoes

2 cups onion

1 cup of diced bell peppers

1/2 cup of mushrooms chopped

Putting it all Together:

-Stir fry all vegetables for 5 minutes

-Warm spelt tortilla

-Put together




2 cups of chopped onion

4 cups of chopped mushrooms

2 tsp chili powder

3 tbs sea salt

2 tbs tomato sauce

2 tbs oregano

2 tsp. onion powder

2 tsp. ground thyme

Putting it all Together:

-Add 1/4 cup of olive oil to the pan

-Add onion sauté until golden brown

-Add mushroom sauté for 5 minutes

-Then add seasonings

-Wrap in corn shells tightly

-Then fry until crispy


Mushroom Salad

1/4 bunch fresh spinach, torn

1/4 bunch red leaf lettuce, torn

1/4 bunch romaine lettuce, torn

1/2 lb. fresh mushrooms

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped

1 sm. red onion, diced

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

1/2 tsp. dill

1/2 tsp. basil

1/2 tsp. sea salt

Putting it all Together:

-Thoroughly wash mushrooms, dry, slice

-Add onion, bell pepper, olive oil, lime juice, dill, sea salt, and basil

-Marinade 1/2 hour in refrigerator

-Thoroughly wash greens, dry and shred

-Place greens with mushrooms and mix thoroughly



Vegetable Salad

1/2 lb. fresh string beans

(Remove ends and snap in half)

1/2 bunch romaine lettuce, torn

1/2 bunch watercress, torn

1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped fine

1/2 tsp. dill

1/4 tsp. cumin

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

1/2 cup olive oil

Sweet basil to taste

Putting it all Together:

-Put olive oil in bowl

-Add dill, cumin, basil, and lime juice

-Marinade in refrigerator for 1-1/2 hours

-Mix thoroughly with lettuce, watercress, and cilantro



Avocado Dressing

3 Ripe avocados, peeled and seeded

1/2 small red onion

1/2 tomato peeled

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

4 tbs pure olive oil

Pinch Cayenne Pepper

Few sprigs of cilantro

1 tsp. chili powder

1 tsp. oregano

1 tsp. cumin

1/2 tsp. sweet basil

1/2 tsp. sweet basil

1/2 tsp. thyme

1/4 tsp. sea salt

Putting it all Together:

Puree avocados in blender

Add remaining ingredients and 2 tablespoons of spring water

Lightly blend and pour over your salad

Note: Season to taste

Use cold pressed, virgin olive oil

Creamy Salad Dressing

4 tbs. almond butter

2 green onions

1/4 tsp. ground cumin

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

1/2 tsp. sweet basil

1/4 tsp. thyme

1 tsp. maple syrup

1/4 tsp. sea salt

Putting it all Together:

In a glass bottle, add all ingredients and 2 tablespoons of spring water

Shake thoroughly and enjoy!


Cucumber Dressing

3 med. cucumbers, peeled

10 almonds, raw, unsalted

4 tbs. pure olive oil

1/4 cup fresh lime juice

1/4 cup green onions, chopped fine

1/2 tsp. thyme

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/4 tsp. dill

1-1/2 cup spring water

Few sprigs of cilantro, chopped

Putting it all Together:

Blend 10 almonds in spring water, 2 minutes, high speed

Strain and set liquid aside

Puree cucumbers in blender with almonds

Add olive oil, lime juice and remaining ingredients

Lightly blend, adding liquid, if needed

Pour over your salad and enjoy!


Xave's Delight

2 fresh limes squeezed

3 tbs. maple syrup

3 oz. sesame tahini

1 oz spring water

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. red pepper

Putting it all Together:

In a glass bottle, add juice of 2 limes, water, maple syrup, sea salt,

red pepper, and sesame tahini

Shake well and dress your salad!!

Lime and Olive Oil Dressing

1/4 fresh lime, squeezed

1/2 cup olive oil

1/8 cup spring water

1 tbs. maple syrup

1/4 tsp. sweet basil

1/4 tsp. thyme

1/4 tsp. oregano

1/4 tsp. ground cumin

Putting it all Together:

Put all ingredients in a glass bottle

Shake thoroughly and enjoy this delicious and easy salad dressing!

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Yes thank you for sharing this brotha, much appreciated! Peace & Light

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One of my facebook people shared this book with his facebook family, so I decided to share Dr. Sebi's book  with my Body temple family. I hope everyone enjoy this wonderful book. Peace!

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Wow, dear Brotha, this is VERY GENEROUS and THOUGHTFUL of you to share.  Your determination to uplift your people is beautiful. This little cookbook of Dr. Sebi offers good introductory healthfood information and great recipes.   Black folk LOVE them some cooked/fried/heated foods (even though, as he points out, early humans did not eat like this), so he has included recipes to cater to these (transitioning) needs.  I particularly like all of the salad dressing options.  Meda ase Brother for sharing!!  Here's to our EXCELLENT HEALTH!


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