Time for small organic farming practices

Small organic farming practices are the future. Practices like cutting out pesticides is essential to future vitality. Corporate genetically modified seed must be discarded as well, for it alters the DNA of humans. The human body desires food that is unmodified, real, and raw. At this critical juncture, organic farming must rise up and be the future.

Now and in the future, friends and neighbors must rely on one another to learn about the benefits of proper nutrition. Neighbors will need to bind together and grow community gardens, start farmers markets and trade nutrition and herbal secrets. They will need to abandon antibiotics and vaccinations, since these are over-abused medical establishment crutches that are highly counterproductive in the long run. Antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut. This good flora in the gut promotes healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, and immune function. Once on antibiotics, one may feel the need to take them every flu season since their own body now lacks the ability to defend itself against pathogens. Eating superfoods like spirulina and berries like schisandra and goji will serve one better over the long run.

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