Sovereign Food Collective Declaration

  • We declare  Afrikan Peoples in the Maafa to be held in a protective status in which we must have and choose foods that are high in potency, nutrient value and free of genetic or pesticide contamination.   
  • We of the Black Afrikan Genetic Inheritance reject the Standard American Diet (rightfully referred to as SAD) because it is destructive and has given us heart disease, diabetes  cancer and other chronic disorders which degrade our health and vitality.
  • We object to the future purchase or resale of artificially colored, flavored, genetically modified and or preserved foods in stores in our communities from stores that do not have the Afrikan Man and Wombman's health in mind.   
  • We further reject the standard of food quality sold in our communities and consider it contamination and an offensive act in connection to the population reduction plan this is black genocide.  Thus the further sale of destructive foods in our communities is an intentional malicious act against Afrikan Ancestry, culture and future generations yet to be born.  
  • It is our inalienable right to protect ourselves and our future generations from the diet of this self destructive commercial culture with all that is within our power by:
  1. Growing our own food in Afrikan Community gardens.
  2. Securing a food supply without fear of military interventions.
  3. Propagating and storing heirloom seeds for the generations of Afrikans to be born.
  4. Hosting and supporting health education and outreach workshops to instill the a health value system and create a general knowledge about health in our communities.
  5. Creating intentional communities that will work together to protect our own interest, values and choices.

This is a declaration of The Sovereign Foods Collective on behalf of All Afrikan Peoples of Black Melaninated genetics.

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