Clean And Regenerate Your Lungs

Smokers inhale about 4,000 other chemicals in cigarette smoke. Many of these chemicals come from burning tobacco leaf. Some of these compounds are chemically active and trigger profound and damaging changes in the body.   The chemicals in marijuana mimic melanin molecules and confuses the body and brain which tries to process the chemicals in marijuana. Chemicals bind to melanin and causes problems at the brain-blood barrier in the brain. This is why we act different after consuming marijuana and drugs. This is also why Black people stay addicted to marijuana and other drugs longer than white and other people. Chemical alkaloids stay in our bodies longer, especially the cardioxides.


Q:So what can we do to safe guard our health and breath.  


A: #1 check yourself are you smoking in excess or recreationally, #2 what is the quality of the herb you smoke i.e. g.m.o., hydro, you don't know. #3 stop smoking #4 Create a lifestyle that supports the regeneration of the damaged cells and the elimination of toxins. 


~You can smoke herbs to help you stop smoking all together (thats an oxymoron) these herbs can help to eliminate the excess toxic build up in your lungs and satisfy your craving to smoke.  Use a pipe or roll 3 of the following:


  • Mullen 
  • Lobelia
  • Peppermint 
  • Mugwort
~Fasting with Live juices and quality steamed distilled water for 5 days can wash the nicotine and other toxins out of your body.



~Avoid junk foods, white flour, salt, sugar, refined foods, saturated fats, or white flour products. Lastly avoid soy.


~Eat broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potatoes, spinach, turnips, Grains, seeds, nuts, and brown rice . You should eat plenty of yellow and deep orange vegetables such as pumpkins, squash, carrots, and yams.


~Take a garlic supplement or eat plenty or garlic and onions.


~Take a multi vitamin to reestablish the vitamins and minerals that were lost make sure it includes zinc.


~ Exercise regularly to increase your lunge capacity.

~ Cleanse your lungs regularly by drinking:


  • lots of water 
  • herbal teas that include: red clover, slippery elm, ginger, milk thistle, yellowdock, coltsfoot, lobelia, peppermint, wild cherry bark and mullen.  (i suggest you blend at least 5 of these herbs to drink daily)
  • fresh live juices vegetable and fruit (live juices can regenerate the tissues and repair damaged tissues)
~Begin a regime of chi gong breathing exercises.






Links to study:


  1. dherbs:
  2. better health:
  3. natural herbs guide:


stay strong!

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Interesting info.  Meda ase.

Bro Montu and/or Sis Mawusi, would you talk on the usage of marijuana as a medicinal, and would steeping it as a tea be acceptable healthwise? 


great info as always

This is great info, Modupe for posting! I'm thinking that the pipe would be healthier to smoke for medicinal purposes because then your not inhaling as much of the paper ash (but i guess still the herb ash tho)...also, @ sister njideka i have heard some people say that marijuana tea is great for chronic pain like with fibromyalgia, MS, sciatica, neruopathies etc. and it has antioxidant, immune stimulating and cancer fighting properties so are used by alot of folks with HIV/AIDS, cancer (esp when going through chemo), i think that the tea is a great way to get the medicinal effects out of the herbs so as not to damage your lungs with smoke!

Its strange that the Indigenous natives of this land did not have the lung cancer that smokers get today. As a matter of fact, tobacco and other herbs have been smoked all over the world for centuries. So I feel a pipe would be a bit healthier (as far as tobacco) since you wouldn't have the added chemicals in the paper and "filters". This would probably not be a bad idea for the marijuana smokers either since many (even some ole school Rastas) smoke weed in Black n Mild mini-cigars (not mild at all really).

As far as tea, there would have to be some improvement since the (possibly?) carcinogenic effects of burning are not present. As Afivi pointed out, there has been a great deal of research in this area with patients who have certain health challenges. I would certainly back its use over allopathic chemical "medicine.

Let's be real family, most of us are simply afraid of its use because of European man-made laws and an unhealthy dose of White Supremist, Imperialist propaganda. Africans and other indigenous people have used all kinds of herbs for (at least) hundreds of thousands of years. Only the Caucasian's judgement of things gives one a negative impression. Now, whose an herbalist that's scared of HERB??? LOL

YEBO AND MEDA ASE TO SISTA AFIVI AND BRO MONTU!!!  After the play, Bro Montu, bet some nice tea will be just what the doc recommended :) Ha ha.  Anyway, see ya'll family on Sunday.

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