Yesterday i visited a Indian doctor who i asked about the alkaline diet the funny thing
She laughed i asked her instead of making suppressive drugs why notfind cures she began to get

So i asked her if she knew by her proffession she is supposeed to heal people and expand her mind on the theory she learnt in med school
I asked her how many people she has ever cured of a terminal disease or infrctious virud

She asked me if i was sick and what was my purpose for visiting
Is there any broher or sister here who can give any herbal insite

On any treatments for the above mentioned ailments

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What a story, sadly its true they only know how to treat symptoms according to the  textbook from which they were drilled for 12 years.  

Unfortunately this Doc was not able to even support you with the Vedic knowledge of her people, pathetic.   

Now to address your issues: all bodies are different and require different things to produce a homeostatic balance.  The conditions that were stated above (Herpes virus, STD, and A.I.D.S) are all very different in presentation and vary person-to-person. So I will present some general herbs to support you in your research.

For herpes virus, an alkaline diet will aide you with reducing stress and support your immune system, so lots of colorful fruits and vegetables also alkaline water is key to subduing out breaks.  

As for STD infections to prevent them abstinence is advised. However once you get it you must understand this  is a super bug thus it has been around and has mutated many many times thus is will be next to impossible to get rid of it with natural methods. So, I will talk about recovery......because they will prescribe prescription antibiotics you must repopulate your body with healthy enzymes. Fruits are teaming with healthy enzymes so consume Pineapples and Papayas  especially in addition to many other juicy fruits.

AIDs is an autoimmune disorder thus it attacks your immune system so you must become acquainted with immune system building herbs like  Olive leaf, Holy Basil, tea tree, Golden seal, Barberry and many more because you will have to manage your health and support your fight against disease.  

Of course, this is not a medical diagnosis and we encourage you to continue with your own research. Peace

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