The discomfort and pain induced by endometriosis is very real and concrete even when we say that the actual causes of endometriosis and the potential cures still remain largely in the cloak of mystery-treatment of the symptoms is essential for the well being of all patients for this reason. Due to the close connection of some of these symptoms with the menstrual flow, often and frequently the very early symptoms simply tend to go largely unnoticed or are just dismissed by the woman-who may not be unduly discomfited by the initial symptoms.

It is strongly suggested that all women affected by the condition take recourse to the use of different natural therapies. These can help the woman overcome the disorder through careful dietary regimens, through the use of herbs, and via vitamin supplement therapies-the stress-reduction techniques can also benefit patients. The underlying guide of many of these natural therapies is the belief that the body can heal itself given time and these treatments seek to establish a balance in the entire system, these holistic therapies are based on healing of the entire body to heal the specific disorder.

What is known is that the hormone estrogen stimulates the growth and induces bleeding of endometrial tissues, regardless of what causes the actual endometrial tissue to migrate outside the uterus. The lowering of estrogen levels in the body is the first point of focus for the majority of treatment protocols designed for this disorder.  

Estrogen is broken down in the body by the vitamin E; this nutrient is a natural antagonist of estrogen and aids the body in disposing of excess estrogen produced by the ovaries. The vitamin also helps the body in normalizing the production of hormones and the vitamin is also essential for the functioning and health of the reproductive organs. Adequate vitamin E levels in the body also ensure that the adhesions caused by growth of endometrial tissues are limited and this results in a reduction in the symptoms induced by endometriosis. The presence of the vitamin E aids in keeping the scar tissue soft and flexible-provided, that scarring occurs along the affected uterus. Daily dosage recommendations to treat the symptoms of endometriosis are 400-800 I.U. taken every day. For a period of three to four months.

An Herbal blend of red raspberry, dandelion, dong quai, and ginger  should be taken twice to tree times daily during the month before your cycle.  To aid in the break down of estrogens in the body so that they can return to the uterus in peace instead of creating scar tissue.  your live plays a key role in filtering your hormones so you must give it attention.

If you dont do well with Dong Quai substitute with wild yam or chast berry.


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I suffer from endometriosis and PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). I've never been able to conceive. Every doctor I've ever gone to has tried to force me on birth control pills or surgery. I chose to refuse both. I've been working on this health issue for about 15 years now. :-( I never knew about Vit E but thru my experience I have found that changing the diet is definitely a huge help. Eating as alkaline as possible has worked wonders for me. I don't think people realize how much interference is caused in our bodies by the hormones that are injected in the animals we eat. Eating cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are helpful. I have also benefited from ginger tea. I get a ginger root and cut pieces off and steep in boiling water. Dandelion tea has helped a lot as well. I will definitely add Vit E to my regimen. Me da wo ase!

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