Ladies! Go natural on your period

Natural Cotton Cloth Pads

Did you know that the average North American woman throws away 10,000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime? That’s a whole lot of waste, but I can believe it.

During a shoreline cleanup event I attended, over half of the waste we collected ended up being tampon applicators and pads! Even when in landfills, many of these substances can leach into groundwater, streams and lakes, posing environmental health concerns.

Most tampons and pads contain a whole lot of things that do the body and the environment no good. Surfactants, plastics, adhesives, additives, and dioxin – a known carcinogen and by-product of the bleaching process.


If you are looking for more environmentally-friendly menstrual products or have concerns about the chemicals and synthetic materials used to make regular pads and tampons, you should know that there are many proven eco-friendly alternatives on the market.

Cloth Pads

Most reusable cloth menstrual pads are made from natural fibers such as cotton making them cool, breathable and comfortable to wear. By using organic cotton, you can reduce your cumulative exposure to toxic chemicals by ditching your disposable pads. Also, cloth pads cost a fraction of what it takes to keep buying disposable pads every month.



Sea sponges are another alternative to tampons –they absorb and expand but require care to be reused again. Sea sponges come from the ocean floor and contain no synthetic materials – just try to find ones that have been sustainably harvested like sponges made by Sea Pearls. One sea sponge will last for about six months.


Another great reusable product is a menstrual cup. A small cup is worn internally to capture the flow. Contents are contained within the cup until it is removed, and can then be emptied. Some reputable brands include DivaCup, The Keeper, or the Mooncup.

Have fun finding new approaches to your monthly visit from Aunt Flo!

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hmmmm.... i never heard of these methods to use for alternatives to wearing pads..... i have to look into this more :) thanks for the information!

I have heard of the cups. My question it very messy when you take it out? Just wondering if it will spill all over when taken out. Question 2...HOw long can you keep the cloth pads? How do they hold up with all of the washing?

i never used the cup - i didn't trust it.  when it comes to my period i want to be secure so i made some cloth pads with plastic liners and wings so they stayed strapped to my panties they worked so well i used them for over a year and made more because they were stained to the point of ugly, but they weren't  leaking.  I have made them for 14 years i prefer wearing cloth pads over paper they feel more natural and comfortable.  I make them to sell as well.

Peace.  Ok so the cup, I wouldn't be able to go for that one... cloth pads, very do-able.  I just think as far as the cups go, and tampons, there is something meant to go up, but not hang around for hours, especially if it's not organic.

I can definitely use cloth pads.  I imagine those times where I came on and had to use tissue until I got a hold of a pad...

My question  as well, Sistas, if we are serious about our health and longevity, are we not using our cycles as a measure of how far we have come?  I know for myself, my menstrual cycle is much lighter and shorter since growing toward a more live foods/ less dead foods diet and lifestyle.  And I am so happy.  While I have beens surprised, it is to be expected yes? When we are being guided by Jenoch like Mama Mawusi, Queen Afua and others supporting us to be Whole again.


Meda ase! Will be making our pads for the new year!

Ashe Eshe Moon 

Ashe Imani and family

Ashe to the feminine break throughs!

This is a good point Mama Mawusi. Not only does the tampons have harmful chemicals and pull moisture, they are also responsible for tumors and cysts such as fibroids.   

Really Great Info!

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